Spring leadership Summit 2012

| April 5, 2012

The Spring Leadership Summit (www.springleadershipsummit.com) is a series of four workshops developed to foster the personal leadership growth of Teachers College students, staff, and community members, preparing them to lead effectively across their varying roles and contexts. The Summit is organized by members of the Organizational and Human Development Consulting Club (OHDCC) and the Organizational Leadership Association (OLA) and is sponsored by the Vice President’s Diversity and Community Initiatives Grant Fund.

For those who could not attend, or anyone who wants to hear the presentations, we’ve provided recordings of the sessions below.

  • Thursday, March 8th
    Building Commitment, Achieving Excellence:
    Leading with a Brandful Workforce

    w/ Julia Gomez
    Founder, The Brandful Workforce

Download audio here

  • Thursday, March 22nd
    The Dynamics of Credit and Blame:
    What Every Leader Should Know

    w/ Dr. Ben Dattner
    Principal, Dattner Consulting

Download audio here

  • Tuesday, March 27th
    Officers, Professionals, Leaders of Character:
    The West Point Leader Development System
    w/ Brigadier General Tim Trainor, Ph.D.
    Dean of the Academic Board, United States Military Academy

Download audio here
Download presentation slides here