Interview with Jeanne Bitterman

| November 12, 2010

In June 2010, Jeanne Bitterman sat down with the OLA Media Team to share some of her thoughts on the field of adult learning and her recommendations for graduate students pursuing an advanced degree in the field.

You can view the clips of her interview below:

Question 1: What are the biggest challenges facing the field of adult learning and how can they be over come?

Question 2: What should graduate students be taking away from the formal study of adult education?

Question 3: How should graduate students cultivate expertise in adult education and an identity as an adult educator?

Question 4: What are some of the key opportunities available to graduate students and how can they take advantage of them?

Question 5: What are some of the big questions that need to be answered by researchers studying adult adult education?

Question 6: How should students go about answering these questions?

Question 7: What is your view of Transformative Learning?

Questions 8: How do you see new media and technology supporting adult learning?

Question 9: What is the role and responsibility of an adult educator in supporting critical reflection?

Question 10: What do you see as the future of adult learning

Question 11: How can critical theory be effectively used in a corporate setting?

Question 12: What is the value in using a more collaborative approach to adult learning?

Question 13: What are some of the most important capacities an adult educator needs to posses?

Question 14: What advice would you give prospective students pursuing a degree in adult education?

Question 15: What should new students be aware of as they begin their study of adult education?

Question 16: What are some of your current areas of interest as an adult educator?

Question 17: What are some of the key insights you have gained through your work as an adult educator?